My Approach

I am a certified logic-based counselor. Logic-based therapy (LBT) is an influential form of philosophical counseling that employs critical thinking and relevant philosophical ideas to help people identify, refute, and replace irrational forms of reasoning about self, others, and world, with uplifting forms of reasoning.

I mainly use this framework to help people develop better ways to cope with their life-struggle. However, if during the initial consultation, or at some later point, it becomes clear that the person is looking for or will benefit by a less formal approach, I will recommend taking that route.

Regardless of the approach, my job is to be a guide and a partner, helping people explore their questions, insights, and concerns (about themselves, important relationships, or their life) through philosophical insights that let us clarify, deepen, resolve and reconsider them so that we can move with or without them.

These philosophical conversations often result in a clarification of a person’s fundamental beliefs and values—their philosophy of life— enabling us to figure out how we can best make them work for them. The point is not to tell people what to think, but rather to help them inquire into themselves, as a key to understanding themselves.

The following are the types of problems I can help with:

Values disagreements

Political issues and disagreements 

Writer’s block 

Time management issues 


Career issues 

Job loss 

Problems with coworkers

Disability issues

Financial issues 



End of life issues

Midlife issues 

Adult children of aging parents 

Problems with family 

Family planning issues 

In-law issues

Breakups and divorce 

Parenting issues 

Becoming a parent 

Sibling rivalry 

Finding out one is adopted 

Falling in and out of love 

Loss of a family member 

Loss of a pet 

Friendship issues 

Peer pressure 

Academic or school-related issues 



Religion and race-related issues 

Entertainment-related issues 

Technology-related issues