What is Philosophical Counseling?

Philosophy is the search for wisdom. Wisdom comes by grasping how one may fit into reality and its significance for living meaningful and satisfying lives.

Philosophical counseling harnesses this wisdom to help people understand the problems of living they are facing and identify solutions that promote well-being.

Personal, interpersonal, and existential challenges like losing a job, a loved one, conflicts at home or at work, wanting more control over the direction of one’s life, or dealing with end-of-life issues, do not stem necessarily from mental disorders and their causes. They often signal faulty assumptions or limitations in a person’s world-view.

Philosophical counselors guide people through the thinking they need to do to challenge unjustified philosophical assumptions and replace them with better ones. For instance, a person may be upset about the loss of a job. A psychologist or psychiatrist will try to look for an underlying mental disorder. However, if what is upsetting the person has to do with fundamental contradictions in their thinking rather than mental illness, philosophical counseling can help resolve them and instill the dispositions they need to come to terms with their job loss.

The benefits are great!

Philosophical counseling will enable you to:

  • Identify and resolve hidden contradictions and overcome self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.
  • Get rid of habitual, “default” thinking that hides or hinders better choices.
  • Construct a road map with clear steps to actualize their best vision of their life and connections with others.
  • Develop emotionally and intellectually satisfying answers to their moral dilemmas.
  • Discover new depths of commitment, excellence, and efficiency.
  • Enjoy a renewal of enthusiasm, deeper appreciation for being alive, and a greater sense of purpose.